Michele Green, 1st Vice President [Past President]

Son:  Bryant McKinnie, Jr., Tackle

Michele Green is the mother of one son, Bryant McKinnie, Jr.  Bryant played in the National Football League for 12 years and winning a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens.  She is a past President of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association.  Once Bryant completed college and retired from the NFL, Michele resumed her studies in Christian Ministries.  As a member of the Perfecting Church, Michele is an active participant at the Hope Mobile, which is a monthly ministry providing food to those in need and she also is now a “Family Advocate/Life Coach”.  Supports and coach families/singles to motivate and hold families accountable achieving their goals for themselves.

Michele is the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama for Community Service.  Michele is also an author with her first book named, Entitled.  It is about her life as a single mother in the NFL and how easy it is to drift from one mindset to another, to go from humble beginnings to entitlement, as well as a second book, “No More Residue”.  Stories of 17 brave and victorious women who have come out on the other side of their valley experience.