Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, President

Professional Football Players Mothers Association, Inc.
Mother of Malcolm Jenkins, Ret. Safety
2xm Super Bowl Champion, 3xm Pro Bowler 

 Welcome to the Professional Football Players Mothers Association, Inc. (PFPMA)

“Doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”Oprah Winfrey

Over the years PFPMA has traversed many paths, navigated many challenges and achieved many milestones - all in the spirit of service, support and success in our communities. As we kick off this new year of 2022, we celebrate PFPMA’s 25th anniversary and our achievements to transform the futures of a new generation of elite players and diverse communities through impactful programs and activities.

For 25 years PFPMA has diligently carried out its mission to serve, support, educate and strengthen communities.  Region by region and nationally PFPMA is growing and people are taking notice of the work we do and the impact we have.  We strive to always do our best to be true to our mission.

As the world changes, our focus has been enhanced to look inward within ourselves to ensure that our physical and mental self-care are always a part of our agenda. Managing our own health and wellness helps to ensure that we are strong and therefore our organization is strong. Our strength is not only in supporting and uplifting each other individually, but collectively.  Together we listen, we learn and we love, a key strength in our sisterhood bond.

Thank you to the founding mothers of our great organization.  I am honored and privileged to continue the legacy of the phenomenal women who have come before us.

This 25th year symbolizes brilliance, radiance and the value of our long lasting organization that is prepared and ready for our next moments.

Happy Anniversary PFPMA!

In Sisterhood, 

Gwendolyn V. Jenkins, President