Dr. Diana Ross-Jackson, Sergeant At Arms

Son - Carlos Dunlap, Defensive End

Dr. Diana Ross-Jackson has been involved in education for over 30 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education and Master’s in Education from South Carolina State University. She later pursued further studies in the Education Program at The Citadel and earned her Master’s Degree in Special Education and Educational Leadership. She didn’t stop there in her educational pursuit. She earned her Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Ross-Jackson taught Special Education at Ft. Dorcherster High School and Summerville High School. She subsequently became the assistant principal at Buist Academy for Advanced Studies in Charleston County School District. After three years as AP, she was approached to apply for the position of principal of Memminger Elementary School. Her most recent position in administration was with W. B. Goodwin Elementary School, where she retired as principal after 10 years.

Dr. Ross-Jackson has been involved with and chaired a number of committees throughout her career. She has served as principal mentor to several new principals in the school district. She has presented several times at the South Carolina Association of School Administrators and South Carolina Association of Title I Schools conferences.

Dr. Ross-Jackson believes that all students can learn but each learns in a different way and at different rates. She believes that with hard work and perseverance we can teach each child in a special way. Keeping the atmosphere positive and with high expectations are the keys to success. Dr. Ross-Jackson feels that teamwork is the ultimate way a school can be successful in reaching the goal of helping a child attain his or her full potential. Dr. Ross-Jackson's motto is “Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of a true education’’ ~Martin Luther King.